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Central Neighborhood Health Foundation

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Our Mission

CNFH seeks to minimize disparities in healthcare access and outcomes by providing superior quality patient-centered healthcare through an integrated delivery system for underserved and vulnerable multi-ethnic communities in the State of California.


Central Neighborhood Health Foundation (CNHF) is a full-service Medicare-certified healthcare provider with access points in Los Angeles, Riverside & San Bernardino counties. Founded by Bassett H. Brown, MD in 1967, our guiding principle for nearly five decades has been the efficient and effective delivery of culturally competent care to our patient community. We believe in partnering with our patients to achieve the best possible health outcomes based on individual lifestyle needs.

CNHF is bringing into the 21st century the mission of one of the oldest continuously operating ambulatory care clinics in Los Angeles County by returning trusted medical providers to their rightful role as linchpinsof community healthcare.

Our clinics provide care in medically underserved areas (MUAs) in Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire, where patient populations endure disproportionate physical suffering and premature death. These realities of medical privation have persisted for far too long despite the best intentions and efforts of both government agencies and healthcare organizations and providers.

Now, after nearly five decades of community service, CNHF has resources available to support and expand its ongoing efforts to change this dynamic permanently. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, implementation of the Affordable Care Act has paved the way for us to make important strides in reversing negative health status trends and reducing many of the health disparities that plague our neighborhoods.

CNHF Board of Directors

Crystal Lautrup, JD - Chair

Attomey-at-Law, Healthcare Litigator

George Bell, DMin

Professor, Pacific International Theological Seminary Behavioral Health Committee

James Mackey* -  Vice Chair

Employee Benefits Specialist Finance Committee

Bassirou Diop*

Teacher, Los Angeles Unified  School District

Richard Mayer*

Building  Contractor, Community Activist, Patient Advocate

Gloria Rodriguez*

Teacher. Los Angeles Unified School District

Laurie Guariglia

Healthcare IT Professional

Gloria Soto*

Retired Healthcare Quality Auditor, Los Angeles County Quality Management Committee                                                                                                    

Mary Winners*

Gerontologist & Principal, About Senior Solutions

Gladys Preciado

VP/Senior Business Relationship Manager

Claudia Castellanos*

In-Home Outreach Counselor


*Asterisks denote CNHF patients

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