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Nabil Khalil, M.D.

Nabil Khalil, M.D.

General Medicine

Locations: H Street - San Bernardino Clinic


  • ECFMG- Educational Commission for Foriegn Medical Graduates 
  • Speaks Arabic, Medical Spanish, and English
  • Zagazig University, Faculty of Science, 1972-1973
  • Zagazig Medical School, Zagazig University, 1973-1978
  • Zagazig University Hospitals, 1979-1980
  • Ministry of Health of Egypt 1980-1981
  • Childrens Hospital of San Francisco, residency, 1984-1985


My training to become a doctor began in Egypt where I completed and obtained my degrees from premedical school and medical school. My background provided me with the ability to speak Arabic and English, as well as fueled my desire to help people. I came to San Bernardino after fleeing religious persecution in Egypt, and my desire to help people followed me here to America.

As for my health philosophy, I believe in the overall wellness and connectedness between the mind, body, and soul. I chose to work with Central Neighborhood because I saw the need to help underserved areas in the LA and San Bernardino areas. CNHF's central message is to strive forward and provide good healthcare to all, which speaks volumes to me.

My experiences here have been rewarding, and continue to be so. I enjoy seeing patients joy when I provide them with helpful and exceptional treatments. One of my most memorable moments being when a young woman came to see me because of abdominal pain. I called 911 and insisted they treat her at the hospital, she ended up having an appendectomy. Because of this, I saved her life, and I hope to save many more.

The most important thing to understand about my practice is that I understand that people are subject to poor medical treatment because of their race, income, or gender. As a physician for CNHF, I will always do my best to fight this injustice and provide the best healthcare possible for my patients.

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