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John Rastegar, M.D.

John Rastegar, M.D.

Family Medicine

Locations: Central Ave. - South Los Angeles Clinic


  • M.D. Isfahan, Iran
  • Brookdale Hospital, Brooklyn, N.Y. Residency Pediatrics
  • UCI and VA Long Beach, CA, One year Adult Neurology


I am fortunate enough to have a good sense of humor, a variety of interests, and a vast network of supportive friends. Even though I am a fun loving guy, I also take my practice very seriously. My father insisted I become a doctor and today I have been serving the community for over 35 years and my patients are extremely grateful, some even pray for me. My patients are also very loyal and follow my practice wherever I go. At CNHF my patients are satisfied and I owe that to the management of the clinics as well as my own practice.

It brings me joy being able to help those who are medically underserved. Here at CNHF we are able to accept patients regardless of payment, and I am very eager to help others because I am helping those who need it the most. I also believe God will bless me because of it. Because I am so friendly I am able to keep my patients smiling throughout their treatments, and I feel as though we have a special mutual respect for one another.

My medical training has allowed me to be able to help those from all walks of life, but I especially like working with elderly patients because they pose interesting challenges. The way I go about treatment is through education, which I think is the most important tool. This allows people to get proper care in chronic and emergency situations, as well as teaching them the benefits of proper diet, personal health, hygiene, exercise, and use of medication.

I use my good nature to keep my patients comfortable by humoring them to ensure difficult topics feel light. I would also say I’m creative and able to keep up with the times, enabling me to help my patients diverse needs.

In addition to my practice I also have three children who also are in healthcare. My other interests include a passion for the arts, particularly music and fashion. Celine Dion is my favorite, and I also judge beauty pageants in my free time. I'm not your average doctor, and I have lots of friends who would say the same. But ultimately medicine is my profession, and I will use my variety of skills to help treat my patients effectively while keeping a smile on their faces.

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